Saturday, February 12, 2011


The first project from Cloudkid I've worked on that's a secret no mo'!

Did a bunch of random things on this one, with a lot of help from Mike Annear, who animated the three main skating loops (normal, fast, and tired). I tackled all of the other moves and tricks in between, which were crazily boarded by Kim Hui.

I also did the introduction animation, two of the idle animations (the arm stretch and skate test) on the level select screen, and integrated the 3 main costumes on to Fizzy (THE TRON ONE'S MY FAV BTW) for the level select screen and throughout the actual game play.

Here are a couple progress stills, just to show what this stuff looks like before clean-up.



Marco said...

Awesome. I actually tried to eat the junk food after a while to be rebelious but then it made me slow :(

bryan said...

awesome! so fun and addictive. and pretty challenging too. or maybe i just suck!

Renee Kurilla said...

Katelyn! This is super awesome! The game is sooo much fun, you guys done good!

Hannah O'Neal said...

Katelyn! I'm so glad you're still doing awesome animation. How's life? Where are you working now-a-days? I see you're doing awesome work with Cloudkid. Good for you! I can't wait to see more stuff :)

Katelyn said...

thanks everyone :)

hey hanna! life's been pretty good, right now i'm freelancing over a soup2nuts, but since graduation i've been hopping between studios just trying to keep busy c:

how's everything at fablevision? hope all is well, look forward to seeing your updates, too! :D