Monday, February 6, 2012

movin' pictures

Uhh...Happy New Year?! Where the eff did 2011 go, been forever and a day since my last post.

Saw something neat over the weekend, some promos for the upcoming WordGirl movie, The Rise of Miss Power! This will be the first time I'll have seen any of my work on television, so I'm pretty excited. A couple really quick shots from some of my scenes are in the video below, one at 0:07-0:08 and the other from 0:11-0:13 (I'm also creepin' in the crowd shot around 0:05, CAN YOU FIND ME).

The movie premieres February 20th on PBS (not sure if that's 5 pm eastern or central in the promo..will update again before it airs!). Please check it out if you have the chance!

ETA: The movie premieres at 4:30 pm ET on your local PBS station!