Wednesday, January 27, 2010

maya rhymes with ~sanjaya~

Model sheet for ~Maya II~. I still might change it before class, I don't know.

And first day of Senior Animation Projects today D: Even though I'm so close to being done with the animation from my last project (never quite got around to finishing it over break :\), I really want to try and get a jump start on my next short. I feel like I've learned so much at my internship for only being there a pretty short amount of time, and I'm really pumped to apply what I've learned to my own work. Hopefully I'm not digging a hole for myself by doing this, but I think I'll be okay.


jemanjiman said...

Model sheet looks good! Great job on getting even measurements between the views, that always kinda scared me about model sheets. Definitely curious to see how your style translates into 3D; not sure if you did a model in your last maya class.

No worries about senior projects as well! As long as you're pumped about the project and you're working hard you'll be fine!

Katelyn said...

thanks c: and yeah, maya was not too kind to my last model that was sort of similar, so we'll see how this goes. i'll be happy with it as long as it's not a total abomination.

haha and hopefully! john told us today we only have 8 weeks to get all our stuff done, so blerg :\

Kassandra Heller said...

Hey its we're in the same boat! It's my final semester too! :D (well, I'm not in animation)

Whooa your character looks a lot like me! Haha great model sheet.

It's a good sign that you're so focused after your internship. It means that you picked the right career path since you loved your time there!

Katelyn said...

nice! how's your semester going so far? i don't want it to end, hopefully it won't go by too fast D:

haha and thank you! c: